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What Other HVAC Businesses Are Saying About Us

Roger HVAC owner raving about our marketing“Like so many HVAC owners, we had been lied to and jerked around by several marketing companies when we met Matthew and his team. Something about Matthew and his passion for helping HVAC owners resonated with me, so I gave them a shot. We are getting more phone calls from NEW customers than we have in years! I love that they have new ideas, are persistent, creative, and show they care about our success.”

- Roger Findley - Just Right Heating & Air

cody“The team at HVAC Marketing Success has been invaluable to work with. They are creative, responsive and focused on driving our bottom line!”

- Cody Hanna – Hanna Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

“Since we have been working with Matthew, our new website is functioning much better and our website traffic has really taken off. Matthew is full of new ideas! We are ranking higher on Google, thanks to his guidance.”

- Pam Hanna – Hanna Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

stephen“Matthew and his team genuinely care about the success of Jon Wayne Heating & Air. They are creative, take initiative and are constantly pushing the envelope.”

- Steven Jabro - Jon Wayne Heating & Air

“We first met Matthew Rupp and his team after he created a case study analyzing all the HVAC companies in Wichita. Matthew and his team aren’t your typical, cookie-cutter marketing firm. They are authentic, responsive, creative, and genuinely care about our success. We have seen a significant impact on our bottom line working with Matthew and his team.”

- Luke Parthemer - Fenix Heating & Cooling

mike corwin“Matthew and his team are very knowledgeable and have provided excellent customer service. They have managed to an agreed upon timeline and have been accommodating to our busy business environment. If the short-time we have been working with Matthew is an indicator, the engagement will be very successful.”

- Mike Corwin - R-Mech Heating, Cooling and Plumbing 

“I love working with HVAC Marketing Success! They have helped us in so many ways with our website and our on-line presence. They are great to work with and I recommend them to anyone who is looking to grow their business.”

- Kristi Christy - Decker Electric

“Matthew and his team know how to make the phone ring. Period.”

- Kerry Hansard - Kansas Controls Heating & Cooling

“We first met Matthew Rupp and his team after he created a huge case study analyzing all the HVAC companies in Wichita. He has a knack for taking the complicated and making it easy to understand.

Matthew and his team have done a great job for us at Fenix! I totally recommend them!”

- Cory Curl - Owner - Fenix Heating & Air Conditioning

“Matthew and his team were superb to work with. They are personable, go above and beyond, they were always responsive and definitely helped drive new business to the residential side of our business. I can definitely recommend working with them.”

- Ben Wilson - Executive Vice President - Decker Electric

These are the kinds of results you can expect. These are from our actual HVAC clients.

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HMS notebook you v competition