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Unfortunately, we only have 20 minutes together during our first meeting. It’s going to go by quickly and so I want to be sure we spend it on the most important, highest level matters.


To make the most of our time together, there is a little prep work you can do beforehand.


Here are some things I recommend you do to ensure it is 20 value-packed minutes:

  1. Determine the most important areas you want to address - it doesn't have to be a complete list, just one or more bullet points of what you would like to go over. Compile your thoughts and send them to I'll review them and prepare in advance.
  2. Define the outcome- "What would make this call a success for you?" I will ask this at the beginning of the call. Be prepared with an answer.
  3. BYOB: Bring your own beverage. I’ve been drinking these healthy – but horrible – protein smoothies lately and believe me, you wouldn’t want me to share it if I could.


With that, I look forward to our time together!


Matthew Rupp

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