Who has the BEST (and worst) HVAC website in KC?



My name is Matthew Rupp and I lead an agency in Wichita, KS. that specializes in helping HVAC companies make the phone ring.

My goal is to work with one HVAC company in the KC area, and what better way to show how my team and I can help than by providing something of tremendous value.

We put together this massive case study to see how the websites of nearly all of the HVAC companies in the Kansas City area compare.

These are the companies we looked at:

  • AB May
  • Neal Harris
  • Bob Hamilton
  • Buckner
  • Anthony
  • Climate Control
  • KB Complete
  • IBA Heroes
  • Artic Air
  • Polar Aire
  • Peterson
  • All American
  • Blue
  • Boan
  • Apex
  • Total Comfort
  • Mission
  • R-Mech
  • City-Wide
  • Town & Country
  • United
  • JF Denny
  • Ultra
  • Absolute
  • APW
  • Priced Right
  • A.D.
  • Sante Fe
  • Summit
  • Patriot
  • Earl Bryant
  • Absolute

That list came from looking at the first 5-6 pages of Google.

To help figure out who was #1, I scored each of the companies in 8 different categories and used the information to figure out who had the best HVAC website in Kansas City.

It’s always a toss-up when putting together a case study like this. I did the same thing in Wichita and ended up comparing companies with tens of millions in sales each year to companies that are simply a dad and son working out of their garage at home. Point being – a company’s Google presence doesn’t necessarily always match how large (or successful) they are. Some of the big guys have a terrible online presence while some of the smaller companies have a great showing on Google.

It appears that my KC list isn’t much different. Of all the companies we looked at:

  • 11 out of 27 have no About page
  • 23 out of 27 have no story or history of their company, nothing on who started it or when
  • 9 out of 27 websites don’t give a clue as to whether 2 people work there or 200.

Our passion and skill lie in helping our clients dominate the first page of Google and that starts with a website that will CONVERT visitors into actual customers!

Your website is home base.

If you are crushing the first page of Google and receiving thousands of visitors a month, but they aren’t staying, aren’t getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about your business, and aren’t picking up the phone to call, then what was the point?!

We compared all the HVAC companies in 22 areas that fall under these 8 categories:

Let’s jump in!



When it comes to “design,” we are looking at six key areas:

- Is the design attractive? Does it flow? Does the layout make good use of whitespace without being too cluttered or busy, and is it easy-to-scan?

- Is it cookie cutter and boring like so many “modern” websites?

- Is it navigation helpful and easy-to-follow?

- Is it simple to find not just the phone number but also the address and business hours? This is not only useful for your visitors, it’s also important in showing up in local Google searches.

- Does your website quickly and clearly say whom you serve and where?

- Are you differentiating your company to ensure you aren’t just another one that’s offering “great service”?

Superheroes in this category!

  • Bob Hamilton
  • MVP
  • AB May
  • Buckner

Bob Hamilton is knocking it out of the park in a LOT of ways! Reviews, testimonials, service scheduling, education corner, trust signals, coupons, and to top it off, the PINK is super distinctive!


MVP Electricis rocking it! Love the team photos. 😊


They have photos with their full team, and their site has great colors and a slick design. In-depth about pages!



Their long history is fully on display, and they have maintenance and estimation scheduling right on their home page.



Simple, clean design that shows they’ve been in business almost 60 years. Reviews, a video – the works.

If you would like the spreadsheet in a format that will be easy to print, share, and save, (request spreadsheet).

I am also happy to send you the visibility report that shows how all the HVAC companies in the KC area show up for hundreds of keywords (request report).

Schedule a time to chat with Matthew about being the one HVAC company in the Kansas City area we work with (schedule a time).



Having at least one video on your website is incredibly powerful. People watch videos all the time.


- Tell your story and build trust

- Keep visitors on your site longer

- Turn random visitors into PHONE CALLS!

We add a small piece of code to all our clients’ websites that allows us to not only see exactly what is getting clicked on (and what isn’t) but also how far down visitors scroll . This allows us to see just how popular videos can be.

Of all the things you can do to improve your website, there are few more powerful than adding video!

Superheroes in this category!

  • Polar Aire
  • KB Complete
  • MVP
  • Polar Aire has three superb videos right on the homepage that you can see with minimal scrolling.
  • KB Complete has TWO excellent videos on the homepage. This is critical because visitors will often only scroll down a LITTLE bit before deciding to either pick up the phone or click away.


MVP has a SUPERB video that shows what to expect. The team’s well-trained and drug-tested. It’s a family business with a great reputation. Any money they save passes onto you.


Peterson Heating & Cooling has a good video, but it’s pretty far down the homepage. This is undoubtedly costing them views and potentially phone calls.


Mission has a cute video on their “heating” page. Putting this on the homepage would result in a lot more views. Visitors would stay on the site longer and that would lead to more phone calls.


Bob Hamilton Plumbing has lots of superb videos! The only drawback is that they’re buried down a long-scrolling homepage – few people are getting to them. 


Anthony has a TON of great videos (some of which have thousands of views). You can find them on their blog page - https://www.anthonyphc.com/blog/


If you would like the spreadsheet in a format that will be easy to print, share, and save, (request spreadsheet).

I am also happy to send you the visibility report that shows how all the HVAC companies in the KC area show up for hundreds of keywords (request report).

Schedule a time to chat with Matthew about being the one HVAC company in the Kansas City area we work with (schedule a time).



When it comes to “About,” we are looking to find six key items that every excellent HVAC website should have:

- A strong, rich About page

- How many people work for the business?

- How long has the company been in business?

- Team bios with pictures

- Photo of the business owner

- A history or story showing who started the company, major milestones, and how it’s grown.

Of all the most vital factors for service business websites, a strong About page is perhaps #1.

Your About page tells your story, shows off your team, puts a “face” on your business, and most of all, it helps to build trust.

Without fail, the About page is the HIGHEST viewed page for every service business we have worked with!

Superheroes in this category!

  • Anthony
  • AB May
  • MVP
  • Mission

Anthony’s absolutely CRUSHED it in this area. I have looked at THOUSANDS of HVAC websites and this is the BEST example of telling their story, giving back, being transparent that I have ever seen!


History of the business - https://www.anthonyphc.com/our-history/

  • With a video and timeline!

Testimonials - https://www.anthonyphc.com/anthony-customer-reviews/

  • Customer voice recording and over 50 reviews in text.

News & Community - https://www.anthonyphc.com/newsletter/

  • Amazing. Over two dozen stories with 21 more videos!

Monthly giveaway - https://www.anthonyphc.com/anthonys-awesome-monthly-giveaway/

Referral programs - https://www.anthonyphc.com/big-mouth-referral-rewards-program/

Girls night out - https://www.anthonyphc.com/girls-night-out/

Teaching Tuesday - https://www.anthonyphc.com/teaching-tuesdays/


I absolutely guarantee that this is a huge help in having Anthony Plumbing Heating Cooling show up in hundreds of local results in the Kansas City.

A.B. May is really nailing it in this area as well. Their “About Us” pages feature everything from their story to financing.

MVP is also doing amazingly well.

(I am going to take some of these ideas to my other HVAC clients for sure.)

KB Complete is knocking it out of the park. Their entire team is front and center right at the top of the homepage.

Neil Harris Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing has a photo of their GM, Brian Otte, but not one of their 34 technicians or support staff.

Mission has this team photo (below), but they’re missing an About page and don’t have a single headshot or BIO of any owner, or anybody on the team.

If you would like the spreadsheet in a format that will be easy to print, share, and save, (request spreadsheet).

I am also happy to send you the visibility report that shows how all the HVAC companies in the KC area show up for hundreds of keywords (request report).

Schedule a time to chat with Matthew about being the one HVAC company in the Kansas City area we work with (schedule a time).



Its hard to overstate the importance of building trust when it comes to your website. That’s essentially the whole point. Without trust, they don’t pick up the phone and call you.

In a way, all these factors help to show that a website is trustworthy, but there are also “trust signals” that every website should take advantage of.

Superheroes in this category!

  • Anthony (again)
  • MVP

Nothing is going to communicate trust like real photos of actual people who stand behind the service they provide.

Of course, any industry associations, safety, compliance, service organizations that you can be a part of (cheaply) are worth their weight in gold when it comes to trust, especially if they provide you with a badge to show off on your site!

Some of the best (and worst) examples I came across are:


I love the red, white and blue that Anthony is using. It’s smart to make this subconscious connection to the flag, veterans, apple pie and what makes America great. Brilliant use of colors.

Anthony even shows that they bring treats for Fido, and since it’s estimated that Americans will spend 72.3 BILLION dollars on our pets in2018, this is cheap and smart! (I am recommending this to my other HVAC clients.)

Anthony is crushing it when it comes to building trust. My only critique is with testimonials (but they are still doing it much better than most).

Let me ask you this: which do you find more credible?


Or these from my site?

Featuring a photo of a “real” person, their title, and a link to their website gives so much more credibility. Granted, it’s a different industry and you focus primarily on residential customers, but I bet every HVAC company in this study has serviced a business owner, someone whose face and business you could feature on your testimonials. They will probably even return the favor.

It was great to see that 76% of the 42 companies we looked at share how long they have been in business! There were only a few exceptions!

Of ALL the examples of trust, from looking at more than 50 HVAC websites in the KC area, MVP had the BEST example of trust I found. The crazy part is that it’s kind of buried.


You get to this page by clicking ON the “about” button itself in the navigation, not by clicking on one of the 13 pages in the drop-down menu.

I love this! (I just wish it wasn’t so buried!)

What better way to build trust than to show a picture of your family and coming right out and saying, “If you aren’t satisfied, we will remove our product and give your money back.” Granted, this only applies to customers who purchased equipment, not the ones who are unwilling to pay for a service call (where all that needed to be done was to change batteries in the thermostat).

I fully understand why more business owners don’t make blanket statements like this. There is a (very) small percentage of the population that, if given a chance, will do whatever they can to “beat the system” and try and get something for free. I get it. But as somebody who has built several service businesses over the last 25 years, I also know there is tremendous value in SHOWING how much you believe in your team, your service, and show your genuine desire to do the right thing. I admire how MVP is doing this!

If you would like the spreadsheet in a format that will be easy to print, share, and save, (request spreadsheet).

I am also happy to send you the visibility report that shows how all the HVAC companies in the KC area show up for hundreds of keywords (request report).

Schedule a time to chat with Matthew about being the one HVAC company in the Kansas City area we work with (schedule a time).



When it comes to “Content,” we are looking to find four key items that every excellent HVAC website should have:

  • Strong service pages.
    • Google’s job is to return the BEST possible results based on what somebody searches for. Take, for instance, someone searching for “my AC is blowing warm air.” If your website has an AC repair page with thin, cookie-cutter content, then Google will have hard time believing that you are the BEST possible result for that search.
  • A strong FAQ page (with actual questions you hear from customers).
  • Recentcontent!
  • A blog with content added consistently – even if that’s once a month!

Superheroes in this category!

Unfortunately, nobody is in the “superhero” category. Only 4 sites have a FAQ page and only 3 sites I looked at (from what I can tell) have content added in 2018!

Of the 26 different areas we looked into for almost 50 HVAC websites, there is no bigger opportunity than content. This makes perfect sense, too. It’s the most time consuming and can’t be done without YOUR input. Sure, you can have some website or SEO company “put something together,” but then you end up with the cookie-cutter crap that almost every website has.

I will tell you what makes for EXCELLENT content. This isn’t just for your visitors, either. More importantly, it’s for Google. Great content will tell Google that you have what customers are looking for, and that will cause you to rise to the top.

It’s the questions you hear every day as an HVAC technician.

Ask anyone who answers the phones every day and schedules the service calls what they hear from customers. ANSWER those questions in a helpful way and put THAT on your website. That’s great content that will drive results and make your phone ring!

Only 4 of the 42 companies we looked at have a FAQ page (IBA, Total Comfort, Town & Country, Priced Right).

Hats off to Total Comfort for being one of the only companies to have a FAQ page.


Too bad the questions themselves aren’t exactly the types of questions that customers tend to ask. Compare those to the ones below, which do you think gets more traffic on Google.

“Why is my AC is blowing hot air?”

“Why is my thermostat blank?”

“Why does my AC have a funny smell?”

“Why is my AC making a weird noise?”

To give you some perspective on how important and powerful it is to have useful, relevant content on your website (or blog), I will let you in on a little secret. Well, it’s not actually that well-kept, but my guess is that none of the digital marketing / SEO “experts” you’ve spoken to have ever showed you this one.

If you go to Google right now and search for “long tail of search,” you will see that Google returns almost 88 MILLION pages on that subject!

Then, if you click on “images,”

You will see thousands of images just like this one. Stick with me – this is going to get really good really fast.

At the peak are keywords like “hvac,” “heating and air,” and “ac repair.”

These keywords are EXTREMELY competitive, general, and incredibly hard to rank for (but that’s OK, that’s not where the easy money is).

Further down the chart, the keywords get more descriptive. They have a lower search volume but are MUCH easier to rank for; they show intent AND they have a much higher conversion rate! Conversion rate, in other words, means that your potential customers are pick up the phone and call you!

I can show you THOUSANDS of keywords related to your industry, your city, and your customers that are NOT difficult to rank for! If you would like to see this, you can drop me a line (here).

Here is a small example:

Notice at the top of the list, you have keywords like “no power to thermostat” at #14 and “furnace blowing cold air” at #8. There is no difficulty in ranking for keywords like these!

These are SUPERB keywords – they show intent, easy to rank for and get a LOT of searches every month!

# Keyword Difficulty Volume (desc)
1 rheem furnace 0 6600
2 emerson thermostat 0 6400
3 a/c pro 0 5300
4 gas wall heaters 0 2800
5 ducane furnace 0 2800
6 3.5 ton ac unit 0 2500
7 window heat pump 0 2200
8 furnace blowing cold air 0 2200
9 commercial cool portable air conditioner 0 2000
10 north america hvac 0 2000
11 how to reset honeywell thermostat 0 1900
12 vertical air conditioner 0 1600
13 furnace generator 0 1600
14 no power to thermostat 0 1300
15 4 ton heat pump 0 1300
16 thermostat not reaching set temperature 0 1200
17 heater is blowing cold air 0 150
18 honeywell air conditioner 1 2700
19 ameristar hvac 1 2500
20 floor furnace 1 2300
21 day and night furnace 1 2100
22 hopewell furnace 1 2000
23 coleman furnace parts 1 2000
24 goodman air conditioning 1 1900
25 hvac compressor 1 1700
26 fan that blows cold air 1 1400
27 dirty evaporator coil 1 1400
28 ac won't turn on 1 1300
29 furnace limit switch 1 1300
30 heater not working 1 1300
31 outside ac unit not running but inside is 1 1200
32 furnace won't ignite 1 1200
33 hvac troubleshooting 1 1200
34 ac not blowing cold air 2 3600
35 honeywell air filter 2 3000
36 goodman furnace reviews 2 2700
37 ac blowing hot air 2 2700
38 induction furnace 2 2400
39 trane comfort site 2 2300
40 air conditioner not blowing cold air 2 2000
41 thermostat not working 2 1800
42 2 stage air compressor 2 1700
43 armstrong furnace 2 1500
44 why is my air conditioner not cooling the house? 2 1100
45 reliable heating and air 3 6900
46 ac not cooling 3 4500
47 furnace humidifier 3 4100
48 wall furnace 3 2600
49 standard electric 3 2400
50 the furnace 3 2300
51 best furnace filters 3 2000
52 12000 btu window air conditioner 3 1800
53 ac not blowing cold 3 1200
54 hvac design 3 1200
55 what is forced air 3 1200
56 central air not cooling 3 1200
57 air repair 3 1200
58 day and night ac 3 1200
59 hvac financing 3 1200
60 hvac rectangular duct 3 1100
61 ac blowing warm air 3 1100
62 goodman furnaces 4 2100
63 furnace pressure switch 4 2100
64 furnace blower 4 1800
65 rheem furnace parts 4 1500
66 honeywell thermostat help 4 1400
67 air conditioner not turning on 4 1400
68 furnace pilot light 4 1300
69 furnace thermocouple 4 1200
70 air conditioning condenser 4 1200
71 goodman furnace 5 22000
72 honeywell humidifier 5 15000
73 mini air conditioner 5 11000
74 air conditioner repair near me 5 6100
75 a/c repair 5 5200
76 amana hvac 5 5000
77 air conditioner not cooling 5 3600
78 windowless air conditioner 5 3100
79 fans that cool like air conditioners 5 2000
80 what size furnace do i need 5 1900
81 compressor air conditioner 5 1400
82 commercial air conditioner 5 1300
83 gas heater for home 5 1200
84 hvac damper 5 1200
85 electric furnace 6 11000
86 furnace parts 6 6900
87 bryant furnace 6 6500
88 electric wall heaters 6 6300
89 air conditioner compressor 6 5400
90 air conditioner capacitor 6 5100
91 wall heaters 6 3000
92 bryant hvac 6 2900
93 average cost of furnace and air conditioner replacement 6 2300
94 hvac stands for 6 2100
95 hvac direct 6 1900
96 carrier furnace parts 6 1600
97 lennox air conditioner reviews 6 1300
98 a/c compressor 7 5300
99 ac service 7 5000
100 us air conditioning 7 2500
101 what is seer 7 2100
102 ac wall unit 7 1900
103 lennox parts 7 1800
104 types of air conditioners 7 1300
105 goodman hvac reviews 7 1300
106 central air conditioner parts 7 1300
107 furnace not working 7 1200
108 ac thermostat 8 2900
109 furnace cleaning 8 2500
110 air conditioning compressor 8 2000
111 lennox furnace parts 8 1800
112 how to replace thermostat 8 1800
113 hvac company 8 1500
114 oil furnace prices 8 1400
115 furnace repair 9 15000
116 hvac repair near me 9 6300
117 oil furnace 9 5600
118 combination heating and air conditioning units 9 2300
119 how long does a furnace last 9 1800
120 furnace btu calculator 9 1100
121 cost to install hvac system with ductwork 9 1100
122 air conditioning service near me 10 2900
123 furnace brands to avoid 10 2700
124 pellet furnace 10 2600
125 carrie furnace 10 2500
126 mini portable air conditioner 10 2300
127 how to replace a thermostat 10 2000
128 cost of new furnace 10 1900
129 how much is a new furnace 10 1500
130 cost to replace furnace 10 1200
131 hvac services 10 1200
132 local hvac companies 10 400
133 furnace repair near me 11 5800
134 air conditioner parts 11 5200
135 furnace prices 11 3700
136 replace thermostat 11 2300
137 commercial hvac 11 2100
138 furnace filter sizes 11 2000
139 goodman air conditioner reviews 11 1900
140 air conditioner not working 11 1900
141 central heating and cooling 11 1900
142 central heating and air 11 1800
143 furnace brands 11 1300
144 how much does a furnace cost 11 1100
145 ac repair 12 26000
146 hvac repair 12 11000
147 trane furnace 12 8000
148 a/c repair near me 12 2500
149 hvac replacement cost 12 2200
150 best gas furnace 12 1900
151 air conditioner fan 12 1800
152 how to change a thermostat 12 1800
153 how do portable air conditioners work 12 1700
154 best furnace 12 1700
155 wall mount ac unit 12 1500
156 carrier furnace prices 12 1300
157 air condition repair 12 1300
158 hvac basics 12 1200
159 hvac 13 171000
160 trane ac 13 10000
161 heater repair 13 2300
162 hvac cost 13 1300
163 heating and air 14 10000
164 hvac contractors 14 3300
165 hvac service near me 14 2200
166 4 ton ac unit price 14 1500
167 how much does a new furnace cost 14 1400
168 forced air heating 15 7200
169 thermostat replacement 15 1500
170 hvac unit cost 15 1200
171 furnace cost 16 2700
172 air conditioner maintenance 16 1700
173 furnace thermostat 16 1700
174 a/c service 16 1200
175 goodman hvac 17 6500
176 heating and air near me 17 3800
177 single room air conditioner 17 3000
178 in room air conditioner 17 2500
179 ac parts near me 17 2000
180 hvac cost estimator 17 1500
181 top 10 air conditioner brands 17 1300
182 carrier furnaces 17 1200
183 hvac near me 18 21000
184 hvac installation 18 2700
185 furnace service 18 2200
186 air conditioner brands 18 1600
187 hvac supplies 18 1500
188 cost of new ac unit 18 1300
189 carrier ac units 19 2200
190 home ac repair near me 19 1700
191 one room air conditioner 19 1100
192 hvac parts 20 4900
193 diy ac 20 2200
194 american standard air conditioners 20 1200
195 air conditioning repair near me 21 5500
196 gas furnace cost 21 2300
197 gas furnace reviews 21 1800
198 hvac calculator 21 1600
199 hvac cleaning 21 1500
200 lennox hvac 22 2700
201 room ac unit 22 2300
202 best hvac brands 22 2300
203 hvac system cost 22 2000
204 air conditioning filters 22 1800
205 heating and air conditioning repair 22 1400
206 best air conditioning units 22 1200
207 heating and cooling near me 23 11000
208 ac wholesalers 23 5600
209 small room air conditioner 23 2900
210 furnace installation 23 1800
211 hvac air filters 23 1600
212 central air 24 7900
213 portable air conditioning 24 2300
214 top rated heating and air conditioning systems 24 2300
215 best air conditioner brands 24 2200
216 personal ac unit 24 1700
217 best central air conditioners 24 1200
218 split unit ac 25 3900
219 split system ac 25 2800
220 best air conditioners 25 1400
221 split ac units 25 1400
222 home ac 25 1200
223 furnace filters 26 25000
224 ac repair near me 26 16000
225 mini split air conditioner 26 6800
226 furnace filter 26 4900
227 air conditioner installation 26 2500
228 hvac parts store near me 26 1700
229 hvac filter 26 1600
230 lennox furnace prices 26 1300
231 air conditioner troubleshooting 26 1200
232 electric heating 26 1200
233 mini split unit 26 1100
234 ductless air conditioning 27 7700
235 best ac units 27 3300
236 ac units for sale 27 1200
237 heating and cooling 28 28000
238 best central air conditioner 28 3100
239 forced air furnace 28 2500
240 furnace air filters 28 2000
241 air conditioning system 28 2000
242 conditioned air 28 1600
243 best hvac system 28 1500
244 hvac diagram 28 1200
245 house thermostat 28 1200
246 portable ac unit 30 48000
247 how much does it cost to replace a central air conditioning unit 30 2000
248 portable air conditioning unit 30 1900
249 hvac supply store near me 30 1900
250 furnace maintenance 30 1800
251 hvac supplies near me 30 1800
252 central heat and air 30 1800
253 trane air conditioner 31 7200
254 central air conditioner cost 31 1600
255 trane ac unit 31 1200
256 gas furnace prices 32 2500
257 hvac system diagram 32 1200
258 american standard 34 81000
259 ac units 34 10000
260 mini split hvac 34 1400
261 ductless ac unit 35 3300
262 heating and cooling units 35 1400
263 high efficiency gas furnace 36 2200
264 new furnace 37 2600
265 mitsubishi hvac 38 3700
266 central ac unit 38 3600
267 heat pump thermostat wiring 38 1900
268 rheem hvac 39 1800
269 hvac system 41 12000
270 hvac systems 41 3700
271 air conditioning 43 43000
272 hvac maintenance 43 2800
273 air conditioning units 46 7000
274 home furnace 46 1800
275 air conditioning unit 47 16000
276 central air conditioning system 47 1800
277 whole house air conditioner 47 1300
278 central ac 49 2700
279 central air conditioning unit 49 2200
280 trane hvac 50 7700
281 gas furnace 51 12000
282 central air unit 53 5600
283 central air units 53 2800
284 a/c unit 54 5000
285 airconditioner 54 2200
286 furnace 56 60000
287 air conditioner 57 192000
288 home ac units 57 1600
289 central air conditioner 59 16000
290 air conditioners 62 22000

(This was a SMALL sampling – 290 keywords out of thousands.)

If you would like the spreadsheet in a format that will be easy to print, share, and save, (request spreadsheet).

I am also happy to send you the visibility report that shows how all the HVAC companies in the KC area show up for hundreds of keywords (request report).

Schedule a time to chat with Matthew about being the one HVAC company in the Kansas City area we work with (schedule a time).



When I search for “mexican restaurants” from my home at 61st and Meridian here in Wichita, this is what I see:

The first two results, Tequilas and Cancun Mexican Grill, are just a few miles from my house.

Having two things on your website, an accurate business name, address and phone number (or NAP) and an embedded Google Map, can make a tremendous impact.

  • In looking at the websites of 35 HVAC companies in the Kansas City area, only 26% of them have a Google Map on their website
  • Only 42% of them have their address on their website.

This is a huge opportunity for most of the HVAC companies in the Kansas City area!

I get it. Even if you have a fancy showroom, many people aren’t too interested in visiting their local HVAC company, even if their AC unit just broke down, but having these things included on your website is still critical. It all goes back into trust and Google believing that you are who you say you are and that you deserve to be #1.

Resources to read more about the importance of your N.A.P.



Resources to read about the importance of Google maps and having a map on your website.



If you would like the spreadsheet in a format that will be easy to print, share, and save, (request spreadsheet).

I am also happy to send you the visibility report that shows how all the HVAC companies in the KC area show up for hundreds of keywords (request report).

Schedule a time to chat with Matthew about being the one HVAC company in the Kansas City area we work with (schedule a time).



Our last point is your Call to Action.

In other words: what can you can encourage visitors to your website to do (besides picking up the phone and calling)?

Is there anything you can offer them of value?

Is there anything “lighter” they might be willing to do besides pick up the heavy phone to call you? In this texting age, I am amazed at how seldomly I see chat boxes on service websites.

Only 8 websites out of the 35 (or 23%) offer click to chat. But having a text chat makes sense. Who doesn’t text nowadays? Its not as “scary” as calling somebody who could be a pushy salesperson. Visitors don’t find text boxes threatening – they are in control. Sure, they may have called you anyway, but they may have just as easily moved onto another site that does have a chat box.

I can speak from experience. This is the one on my site


Just today, I received a chat on my phone from my website.

Below you’ll see all chats that came in over the last few weeks. Good chat tools can tell you if that person has been to your site before, how long they have been on your site, and what page they were on when they started the chat.

Superheroes in this category!

  • Climate Control
  • IBA Heroes
  • JF Denny
  • MVP Electric
  • Neil Harris
  • Anthony
  • Bob Hamilton

Hats off to these companies for pushing the envelope and giving live chat a shot. I am sure they are happy that more HVAC companies haven’t embraced this idea!

If you would like the spreadsheet in a format that will be easy to print, share, and save, (request spreadsheet).

I am also happy to send you the visibility report that shows how all the HVAC companies in the KC area show up for hundreds of keywords (request report).

Schedule a time to chat with Matthew about being the one HVAC company in the Kansas City area we work with (schedule a time).


There you have it. This was a deep dive into how dozens of HVAC companies in the Kansas City area compare when it comes to having websites that WORK for them.

While we do build websites (if we really have to), our real passion and strength is getting your pre-existing website to the top of that first page on Google so that your phone starts ringing (or your chatbox starts dinging)!

I live in Wichita, but travel to KC frequently and would be happy to swing by. I am only going to work with ONE HVAC company in the KC market, so if you are interested in chatting, please (reach out today).


- I have an entire team of smart, driven people who are experienced in web design, copywriting, content marketing, and all things Google.

- We speak English, not technical jargon.

- We only have 10 clients at a time. They aren’t just a number to us.

- We take your success seriously – it’s personal to us.

- We don’t just share ideas and theories. We come out, put the time in, roll up our sleeves and DO the work.

- I am a serial entrepreneur who has built four service businesses. I know the importance of RESULTS.

- We know who we can help the most and we are very selective about who we work with.

- You will benefit from the work we do together for years to come.

- I know what I am doing, and I know how to grow your business. I have taught it, given lectures on the subject, and worked with dozens of companies just like yours.

- Integrity is everything to me.