Why am I confident I can help you?

In 2010, I was running a party rental business which I had founded two years prior. Two things drove me to seek help with improving our website traffic and rankings on Google:

1. We had an unscrupulous competitor who was constantly in the news for breaking the law and not following safety guidelines. This company consistently ranked #1 or 2 on Google while my company, despite being on the first page, hovered between #6 and #8.
2. When we asked customers how they found out about us, the majority assumed we knew that they had found us online, and took the question as “what search engine/platform did you use to find us?”

Needless to say, I was highly motivated.

I had a few negative experiences, as many business owners do, when first hiring someone for search engine optimization (SEO) — big promises, little results, and wasted money.

So, I took matters into my own hands. I spent the next two years reading, studying, connecting, testing and implementing what I learned with the Big Sky website. I got the site to #1 on Google for 64 different keywords and on the first page of Google for 119 keywords altogether.

I was hooked.

It was a great moment for me. I had my annual meeting with the ever-persistent reps from local Yellow Pages who insisted I needed a big ad for the coming year. Instead, I was able to show them the following:

– Using the tracking number they provided me the previous year, it was determined I received 214 phone calls in the previous year from the ad; not sales, mind you, but 214 phone calls in an entire year. If I converted 20% of these, it would total 42 sales, or about $55 in advertising cost per sale.
– Then, we looked at Google analytics for the same time period. “Big Sky” had received more than 16,000 visits, over 12,000 of which were unique, meaning they had not been to the site before. The best part is more than 4,600 people filled out an online lead detailing the type of party they were having, the date, and all of their contact information (this became a marketing goldmine in coming years).

If we converted only 5 percent of our website visitors into sales (we actually did much better), we would have made 800 sales, compared to 42 from the Yellow Pages.

Now, I was REALLY hooked.

Fast forward a decade, and HVAC Marketing Success has grown into an awesome team of professionals focused on one thing: utilizing design, website development, writing, blogging and SEO to help our clients achieve their goals.

What we believe at Matthew Rupp Consulting:

– There is enormous benefit to using the Internet to market your business.
– Online marketing is – and should be – straightforward and simple.
– To succeed as a company, we must value the trust of our clients and above all, strive to always build that trust.

Your success is our success.

Who is Matthew Rupp?

I am a passionate entrepreneur who loves the challenge and sacrifice required to start a new business, something I’ve done successfully four times over the past 20 years.

What do I love and enjoy?

– I am a father of three; my boys are my heart and soul.
– I read every day – I’m generally working on five to six business/industry books and one novel at the same time.

What’s hanging on my wall?

– “40 under 40 by the Wichita Business Journal” from 2011 when I was the CEO of Big Sky Party Rentals
– A plaque from a class I took at the Center for Entrepreneurship at Wichita State University.
– A stock certificate from Security Solutions, Inc., the first business I founded (1997)
– A Level One certification as an Instructor in MACP (Modern Army Combatives Program)
– Lots of pictures of my boys

Community Service & Giving Back

When I offered to help my oldest son’s Cub Scout pack in the summer of 2004, I had no idea what an impact volunteering would have on my life.

That one step led me to become involved in Boys Scouts at the Pack, District and Council levels over the next five years.

Today, I am active in the Wichita Riverfest Operations committee and the Wichita Wagonmasters. Through the Wagonmasters, I have the opportunity to serve dozens of non-profits in my community every year.

I have yet to experience a networking event, however, that compares to relationship-building or pure enjoyment I get from cleaning, cooking, camping or working beside people all day.

What it’s like to work with me

Integrity is an absolute to me. Let’s chat and see if we are a good fit! If I can help, I will tell you; if not, I will assist you in finding somebody who can. I am much more interested in long-term relationships than making a quick buck. If I do a superb job at taking care of clients who trust me and help me help them, money will take care of itself.

There’s no tech speak and no pretending that SEO/Internet marketing is some kind of hocus-pocus. It’s not.

I’m here for you

If you need help with a new website or putting your current website to work, contact me at office@hvacmarketingsuccess.com

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