Imagine Getting 30% More Installs and 30% Less Service Calls

My name is Matthew Rupp.

My team and I work exclusively with HVAC companies and have a proven way for them to get 30% more new installs (and 30% fewer service calls) which means less payroll, less hassle, less work, low expenses for MORE money.


This report will give you an idea of how we could help you see the same results.

I am going to touch on a wide variety of areas in this case study, including:

  • Your website
  • Trust signals
  • Google profile
  • Site Speed
  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Online Directories
  • Popular search terms
  • Technical factors
  • Social Media
  • Optimized pages
  • Competition


Some will be VERY impactful while others are minor, but all are geared toward building trust not just with Google but also with your potential customers and making your PHONE RING!

I will try my best to make it easy to understand, but I know some of this can sound like Chinese. If you have any questions or would like clarification, feel free to call me on my mobile is 316-312-8181 or email me at

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



Your homepage is the virtual storefront for your business. What visitors see first thing on your site sets the tone on whether they see enough reason to trust you for working on their home.


Your website has a very nice design and look. You have a lot of good things going for you. However, your homepage has definite problems.

I understand the importance of communicating important COVID information to your customers, and make that front and center. But a press release is not the best way to do it. Visitors to your website would be so much better served with an appealing and informative graphic showing this information or a pop-up window.


There are much better ways to get this information across than posting it like a press release.


pestinger website


I know that you have since changed your site, and now it’s a beautiful image of your shop. That’s excellent.

However, you are forcing visitors to scroll down a lot because of how that image is formatted. That’s a simple fix and could help people see the information they came for sooner, making them more likely to act and call you.

I will list out some of the biggest fixes your website needs. They are only big in that they will result in the biggest impact (more customers find you and calling you), but some are really pretty easy to fix!


You have no images of your team, your trucks or any part of your company. People need to SEE who you are to know they can trust you into their home and with getting the job done.


Show off your great reviews on your homepage.

Having a 4.8 star average on Google is excellent! Showcasing this excellent rating average ON YOUR HOMEPAGE is a huge opportunity you’re missing out on.

Here is an example from one of our clients to make their great review one of the first things visitors see:


dalco header


Google doesn’t rank websites. They rank website PAGES. And while Pestinger is right on track with having a lot of individual pages for your various services, they are insufficient.

  • They don’t have nearly enough information at all
  • They are missing the essential keywords and phrases to help any page on your site rank well in search results.



The navigation on your website is a massive issue.




If you step back and look at it from Google's perspective, none of these words really ‘mean’ ANYTHING to Google. All these words in the main navigation could apply to a plumber, roofing company, or electrician.

I understand you provide a lot of different services. But people looking for something like a furnace repair would probably not even think to click on “products.” Your navigation is costing you customers.


When it comes to Google, TRUST is the name of the game. If Google thinks you are a generalist and ‘kind of’ good at a LOT of things, you won’t get a fraction of the clicks and calls you deserve vs. if it is CLEAR that you are very good at a handful of your most important services.

I threw this together to give you an idea of what navigation would look like on a STRONG HVAC website!




Google would have ZERO confusion about what this company does!


Too Much is Too Confusing for Visitors. It’s a bad idea to have so many subjects in your main navigation. This contributes to the problem of Google not seeing you as a specialist in the primary services your company performs.



Missed opportunities with the bottom of your homepage: You are missing some important (even essential) items in your footer and just above it. It should include an embedded Google map and some calls to action.

  • Your “Products” link takes you to a completely empty page.
  • I would lose the logos on the bottom of your homepage. Years ago, they helped build trust and show you were a ‘real’ company, but now they are distractions to visitors to your site.
  • Your emergency phone numbers do not match the big one at the top of your site.


financing available


This bottom section should have something warm and inviting.


Here is an example of what we did on the bottom of a homepage (below the Google map) with one of our HVAC clients – Hanna Heating and Air Conditioning. It is inviting with the message and the image of their friendly front desk staff.


hanna footer

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



Pestinger has the history, the people, the stories, and the connection to the community. You have achieved more than most service companies in Salina ever will. We just need to let people see who you are by telling that story.

You have a great start to telling your story, mentioning when the business started, your commitment to quality and training, and a list of community organizations you support. And that’s a tremendous photo of your team! That’s exactly what needs to be on your home page.

But this page is missing a lot of “heart.” And it’s not written in a way that is easy for people to read to see why Pestinger is the local company to trust.


pestinger tell your story

The About page is almost always the MOST viewed page for every service business we work with.

Your About page should tell your story, shows off your team, puts a “face” on your business, and most of all, it helps to build trust. While yours has many of the necessary elements, it’s missing some “heart.”

I LOVE THIS PHOTO ON YOUR FACEBOOK! This absolutely needs to be on your website.


pestinger about


You have an Awards & Recognition page, which is a great way to prove you are a great company. But even that page is lacking and missing some great opportunities.

For example, this article on winning the Workforce Education Award and your family’s involvement with the Board of Trustees should absolutely be on your website.


pestinger about 2

Having About pages that tell our clients story and captures the ‘heart’ behind their business is an area where we shine!

Here are a few examples of this work that we have done for a couple of our HVAC clients.


hanna story


standard trucks


fenix history

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



It’s hard to overstate the importance of building trust when it comes to your website. That’s essentially the whole point. Without trust, they don’t pick up the phone and call you.

There are “trust signals” that every website for a local service business should be taking advantage of.

Of course, any industry associations, safety, compliance, service organizations that you can be a part of (cheaply) are worth their weight in gold when it comes to trust, especially if they provide you with a badge to show off on your site!


award winning service


The only trust signal on your site are testimonials, and even those are a bit lacking.

Let me ask you this: which do you find more credible?

These from your site:


customer stories


Or these from my site?


mrupp testimonials


Featuring a photo of a “real” person, their title, and a link to their website gives so much more credibility. Granted, it’s a different industry and you focus primarily on residential customers, but I bet every HVAC company in this study has serviced a business owner, someone whose face and business you could feature on your testimonials. They will probably even return the favor.

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



It is hard to overstate the importance of your Google My Business profile. This is your chance to tell Google who you are, where you are, what you do, and why you deserve to be #1 for thousands of search terms!

Google is constantly adding more features and options to this platform. This makes sense (for them) because the more they can keep visitors on THEIR site and not on individual websites, the more they ‘win.’


It is incredible how much you can find out about local businesses without ever clicking to their website!


  • Wait times
  • Photos
  • video
  • Products and services
  • Specials / promotions
  • Service areas
  • Business category
  • Recent posts
  • Specials
  • Hours
  • Holiday hours
  • Busy times of day
  • Phone number
  • Click to driving directions
  • Reviews
  • COVID updates
  • Video Text messaging


pestinger gmb

Some high impact items to address with Pestinger’s Google My Business profile:

  • You need to add photos – a lot of photos. You have that great one of your team, but you should also have pictures of your shop, workers on the job, staff in the office, technicians wearing booties, etc. Essentially, you need to treat your Google business page almost like a social media page. (Our average HVAC client has close to 100 photos on their Google profile).
  • Set up a chat / text feature so customers can message you right from Google.
  • Add a GET A QUOTE box
  • You are missing out on the FREE way to help you rank better! Google allows you to make regular posts to promote your services, get people to your website, and give customers a reason to call you today!


standard fb deal


  • People can ask questions on Google. You have an unanswered question on your Google page. Is this an installation job you lost because no one got back to him?


pestinger ask question


  • Are you aware there is a Google business profile for your Lindsborg location?


pestinger ask question 2


We manage HVAC companies with multiple locations. We have experience handling multiple Google profiles. Ignoring these locations’ Google accounts means people in McPherson see that you have only a 3.9 average rating.


Most of our clients were also not taking advantage of all the great opportunities you can do with Google My Business. So we get to create some HUGE results for them!

Take a look at this client that signed on with us one year ago. This shows the year-to-year comparison of how much their growth on Google increased once we started handling their online marketing needs.


maximum gmb views


Their website traffic is TEN TIMES more than last year, too.

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



When it comes to “Content,” there are 3 key items that every excellent HVAC website should have:

  1. Strong service pages
  2. A strong FAQ page (with actual questions you hear from customers).
  3. Recent content! A blog with content added consistently – even if that’s once a month.


There is no bigger opportunity to edge out the competition than content.

Excellent content isn’t just for your visitors. It is essential for Google rankings. Great content will tell Google that you have what customers are looking for, and that will cause you to rise to the top.

We dove into your site’s content. While you have individual service pages for each of your services, those pages have some big problems.

Using a software program to analyze how Google sees a particular page, we looked at how well your AC page rates for people searching for “air conditioning.”

It ranked a very low score of 4.0.


air conditioning


And that AC page is one of your best pages.

Others, like for Solar Panels and the page for Generators, consist of 3 total sentences – and the one call to action for people to learn more takes visitors away from your website!

solar panels


Your content – on this page and others across your site – has significant problems keeping your website from ranking well in Google searches.

The writing is not very easy to read, and there is not enough content (especially content with important keywords and phrases related to this service), and some pages do not have any images.

Beyond improving your service pages, your website should have fresh content regularly posted to your site.


What makes great content?

It’s the questions you hear every day as an HVAC technician.

Ask anyone who answers the phones every day and schedules the service calls what they hear from customers. ANSWER those questions in a helpful way and put THAT on your website. That’s great content that will drive results and make your phone ring!

Having RECENT content on your site that is RELATED to what Pestinger does for its customers is super important.


We add fresh content EVERY MONTH to all our HVAC client’s websites!

Below are some year-to-year comparisons of a couple of our newer clients.

Last February, they saw 4 or 5 times more website sessions and clicks! We can show you more examples of how content directly drives new website visitors and phone calls!


ga overview


The more PAGES of quality, relevant content we add to your site, the more search terms you will rank for!



I am sure you have heard the line, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

One of the biggest items missing from your website, social media, and online presence is a Call to Action.

A Call to Action is something of significant value you can give, tell, or show your ideal clients that is GOOD ENOUGH for them to exchange their email address for it or to actually pick up the phone to call you.

One of the BEST parts about having (a couple) great Call to Action items on your website is it allows you to see what is working and what isn’t. Sure, you get traffic from Facebook (for example), but are any of them clicking on the contact page, filling out a form, or picking up the phone?

An effective call to action allows us to see that PLUS can foster that ‘lead’ and potentially turn them into a customer!


Some examples you might like:





Is there anything “lighter” they might be willing to do besides pick up the heavy phone to call you? I am amazed at how seldomly I see chat boxes on service websites in this texting age.

But having a text chat makes sense. Who doesn’t text nowadays? It’s not as “scary” as calling somebody who could be a pushy salesperson. Visitors don’t find text boxes threatening – they are in control.


I can speak from experience. This is the one on my site


matthew drift


Just recently, I received a chat on my phone from my website.


drift chat

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.


Reviews are a critical factor and are only becoming more and more important to your potential customers! There is no excuse for being apathetic about collecting reviews anymore. It’s important.


pestinger reviews


Having a 4.8 star average on Google is pretty good! But it would be much more impressive if you had that high rating with more than only 29 reviews. Callabresi also has 4.8 average but it is from 59 reviews. Which company do you think customers would choose if they based it only off ratings? (which a lot of people do!)

Fortunately, you are easily within reach of surpassing Callabresi and other local companies in reviews.

On other review sites, you only have a 3.73 average (from 26 reviews).


average review


You should be responding to all the reviews you receive, both good and bad.


negative review


This is very important as it shows Google you are ‘active and engaged with a potent (and free) tool that drives a LOT of your business from the web! Plus, a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way when somebody leaves a review!

I was surprised that there were NOT reviews for Pestinger on many of the popular sites we typically see, including, BBB, and Yahoo! Local.

We would love to show you how to start getting a LOT more reviews!

We have found several different ways to go about it. We’ve been able to double the number of reviews our clients have received (sometimes within a few months) as well as raise their average rating.

One of our best examples is a client of ours in Texas. They started with us just a year ago, having only 32 reviews. Now they have 151 reviews with a 4.9 average rating! We not only got their average star rating up, but they now have five times as many reviews.


tiger heating review


Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.

#8 – VIDEO


People watch videos all the time online. Having at least one video on your website is incredibly powerful.

  • Videos tell your story and build trust
  • Videos keep visitors on your site longer
  • Videos turn random visitors into PHONE CALLS!


I can’t find videos on any of your competitors’ websites. That is a wonderful opportunity for you to stand out with a high-quality video that helps visitors see why you are the company to trust and hire.


We make videos for our clients. This doesn’t require an additional budget, a film crew, or even taking up hours and hours of a client’s time with a video shoot. We make effective, compelling videos for our clients, often with just a handful of great photos.

For example, we made a video highlighting a client’s generous donation of a new furnace to a local vet in need. For another client, it was a year in review video of all the work they accomplished.




video 3


And we can make more in-depth, high-graphic videos to help highlight the company and its services.

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



The long tail of search is very simple and applies to every industry.

What is long tail of search?

In a nutshell, it is ranking for the longer search phrases that are commonly searched for AND are most certainly being ignored by the competition.

The term “hvac” or “air conditioning” likely gets searched thousands of times a month in northcentral Kansas, but this is actually the OPPOSITE of a long tail search. These short search terms are very general and get a LOT of searches.

The trouble is this search term shows zero intent and not where most people will start their search on Google. Most people will start their search with trying to solve THEIR problem, “My furnace is clicking”, “my AC is frozen up”, “my furnace is blowing cool air” – this is where we want to find them – while they are still trying to solve their problem!


Ranking for high-volume keywords like ‘hvac’ is difficult, costs a lot of money, time and expertise. Plus, you are competing with tons of paid ads, directories, and competitors with deep pockets.


long tail

Not to mention you are competing with Houzz, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, Yahoo Local,, local directories, three best-rated,, Thumbtack – all trying to rank for that search term ‘HVAC companies’ there in Salina.


hvac salina


So, where is the big opportunity?  The answer is in the image below.


search demand curve




When you think about your ideal customers - the challenges they are running into and the questions they commonly have - therein lies the opportunity.

To be honest, few people get that the key to succeeding online doesn’t lie in being #1 for ‘HVAC’ or ‘heating and air.’ These terms have massive search volumes, but it’s foolish to try and rank for them.

The real money is in ranking for search terms like

  • Why is my AC blowing hot air?
  • Furnace not igniting
  • AC making weird sounds
  • Why is one room is too hot?


When you think about your ideal customers - the challenges they are running into and the questions they commonly have - therein lies the opportunity.


I bet you would like about 50 more calls a day from folks who search for things like this?

THESE are potential customers with a problem (right now) they are trying to figure out how to solve.


search strings


I could show you a couple THOUSAND more search terms just like these!

There is a lot less search volume, they are easier to rank for and they are from actual customers with a problem you can solve!

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



I used two different tools to grade the speed of your website. For many years this has been a crucial ranking factor to Google.


The first one was this site -




The 2nd one is provided by Google -




This 40 (out of 100) score is for your speed on mobile devices. This is a real problem as most online searching is done on a mobile device.

Your slow website speed is absolutely costing your ranking, website visits and phone calls.

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



An important factor in building trust with Google is a consistent name, address, and phone number for your business across different platforms (your website, social media profiles, directories, and associations related to your industry and general business directories).

The more consistency there is, the easier it is for Google to trust you are who you say. 

With some clients, this is a BIG issue just because of how companies often grow. They might start in the owner’s home and then move to a small shop, and some years later maybe a bigger shop. You throw in a partner change, a name change, or more than two moves (not to mention a variety of employees or agencies ‘helping’), and you can end up with quite a mess.


We did some research and found a handful of issues for Pestinger Heating & Air Conditioning:


key citations


Your company’s name isn’t listed consistently and you’re missing from several sites.


company listing


One of our tools shows the citations of the top 5 ranking HVAC companies in Salina. This gives you a powerful look into what is helping your competitors rank as well as they are!

If you would like to see this report, give us a shout, and I will be happy to send it over.

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



An ‘optimized’ website page simply means it is CLEAR what the page is trying to rank on Google for.

If there is very little text on a page, it’s hard for Google to know what that page is about. Likewise, if there are images with no descriptions, Google doesn’t know what those images are! If the explanation for that page is ‘Pestinger and Salina’ that doesn’t help them understand that page is about AC repair!


This is an example of a well-optimized website page (one of our HVAC clients)

We will touch on just 4-5 areas real quick to try and explain:


Page title (this is what shows up in the little tab on your web browser)

“Air Conditioning Installation | Wichita, KS” (PERFECT)


page title


URL (website address): air-conditioning-installation (CRYTAL CLEAR WHAT THE PAGE IS ABOUT)


page title 2


Page description: Hanna Heating & Air Conditioning. Fast, reliable heating and air service for Wichita families since 1983. 24/7 Emergency Service. (EXCELLENT)


page title 3

On the page, there are links to driving directions (which helps Google know where Hanna is located), FAQ, and recent posts.


hanna cta


It’s rare to find website pages for local HVAC companies that are optimized very well. This is a HUGE opportunity just waiting to be capitalized on and a cheap, easy fix! Remember, when it comes to Google, the name of the game is TRUST, and you only have to be better than the other guy!

Here's a breakdown of the issues of your website:


pestinger site audit


Your site has 2 broken resources (4xx status code) and a handful of other issues. Fortunately, the worst of these could be literally fixed in a matter of minutes.

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



One of the most important and powerful ranking factors when it comes to Google is something called ‘backlinks.’

A backlink is anything you can click on website A and be taken to website B.

For example, if I click the Facebook icon at the bottom of the ACCA website, it will take me to Facebook. This is an example of Facebook having a ‘backlink’ from the ACCA website.




To Google how many and how strong backlinks are pointing to a website is a massive indication of trust.


Pestinger is doing pretty well compared to your competitors when it comes to backlinks. You have 816 backlinks coming from 72 different domains.


website authority

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



Pestinger has a nice following on Facebook and is making some engaging posts! That’s quite commendable for a local service company. Keeping up with social media is not a huge priority for many companies. They simply don’t have the time to post good content regularly.


pestinger social media


However, you are not capitalizing as you could with your Facebook page.

You have some helpful HVAC posts, but those link to other websites than yours.

You need to be posting on Facebook regularly and with posts that are interesting to your customers. But you also need to post informative and helpful posts related to your services, along with promotional posts getting people to take advantage of a discount, or to get that maintenance service before winter hits.

With a very talented graphic designer as part of the team, we are constantly surprising and delighting our clients with fantastic images and design work all geared to making them look great!




Social media is more than Facebook. While there are a lot of new social sites that are just simply not worth the time for an HVAC company to be on, there is one that is HUGE for service businesses just like yours.


pestinger nextdoorThe site is filled with neighbors talking to neighbors about barking dogs, strange people walking around, but most importantly, local businesses they recommend!

Over the past year, we’ve expanded our HVAC clients’ presence on Nextdoor.


Pestinger already has a local advantage here.

Did you know your company was recommended by someone in Salina recently on Nextdoor?

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



Your marketing needs to be effective for ALL your locations and service areas.

This means separate web pages for each location and individual Google My Business pages. It can seem like a lot of work and a lot of juggling, but we regularly handle HVAC clients with multiple locations.


You are in great position to take advantage of people in Salina and Lindsborg searching for your services.

We work with various HVAC companies. Many have 1 location but service surrounding towns. Others have multiple locations, such as Hanna Heating & Air, who has Wichita, Andover, and Newton locations.


newton denny


There is a right way (and a wrong way) to have your website and your presence on Google be optimized for specific towns and communities.

Let's have a chat! You can call (or text) me on my mobile at 316-312-8181.



Who is the one company that drives you crazy?

The one that you always see at the top of Google or who you feel like you’re losing business to. I will take a look and tell you exactly WHAT is helping them rank so well!

My email address is

Hi, I’m Matthew Rupp.

If you would like ALL of these items (and a great deal more) addressed by a team of smart people who genuinely CARE about our clients, who constantly seek out new ways to look out for our clients to grow and treat them like family (the ones we really like), then give us a shout at 316-312-8181 and let’s have a chat.

No salespeople, no pressure, no obligation.


I am so confident my team and I can help you that I am willing to provide the names and phone numbers of some of the HVAC clients we are serving today!


JOHN – Standard Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning – (785) 776-5012

CORY & LUKE – Fenix Heating & Cooling – (316) 945-4842

CODY & TREVOR – Hanna Heating & Air – (316) 945-3481

MARC – DALCO Heating & Air Conditioning – (303) 979-7541

THOMAS – Tiger Heating & Air – (361) 852-4450

mike corwin

“Matthew and his team are very knowledgeable and have provided excellent customer service. They have managed to an agreed upon timeline and have been accommodating to our busy business environment. If the short time we have been working with Matthew is an indicator, the engagement will be very successful.”

Mike Corwin – R-Mech Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

pam hanna

“Since we have been working with Matthew and his team, our new website is functioning much better and our website traffic has really taken off. Matthew is full of new ideas!

We are ranking higher on Google, thanks to his guidance.”

Pam Hanna – Hanna Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

cody hanna

“We first met Matthew Rupp after he created a huge case study analyzing all the HVAC companies in Wichita. It was very eye opening for somebody to translate digital marketing into something our team could understand. It was great to how we compared and to start working with a clear set of priorities we felt confident would move us forward.

The team at Matthew Rupp Consulting has been invaluable to work with. They are creative, responsive, and focused on driving our bottom line!“

Cody Hanna - Hanna Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

stephen jabro

“Matthew and his team genuinely care about the success of Jon Wayne Heating & Air. They are creative, take initiative and are constantly pushing the envelope. They don’t just talk a good game, they put the time in, take photos, create the content, do graphic design, social media you name it.“

Stephen Jabro - Jon Wayne Heating & Air

luke parthemer

“Matthew and his team aren’t your typical, cookie-cutter marketing firm. They are authentic, responsive, creative, and genuinely care about our success. We have seen a significant impact on our bottom line working with Matthew and his team.”

Luke Parthemer - Fenix Heating & Cooling

john shortsleeves

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Matthew and his team. Anything I ask of them gets done immediately. They always provide excellent feedback on how our money is being well spent.

It has definitely increased our business by teaming up with Rupp Consulting.

A+ on everything!”

John ShortsleevesStandard Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning

Which Company Can We Help Grow?


company grow


How will your competitors react to their custom case study to grow sales with the internet?

I will work with the first Salina HVAC company to contact me. If you want to learn more about how I can help you grow your online leads AND sales, call me.

(316) 312-8181


We are committed to working with only 1 HVAC company that serves the Salina area. We are looking for a local leader committed to quality and understands (and desperately wants) to win on Google.

We are so sure of our ability to help grow your company with our work we promise a money-back guarantee.

hvac logo

I look forward to hearing from you.



(316) 312-8181