January 2024


My name is Matthew Rupp, and I own HVAC Marketing Success. We are a digital marketing agency specializing in helping HVAC companies. I hope you enjoy the T-shirt!

My team and I are going to work with one HVAC company in Topeka get more phone calls, get their techs in more homes, close more sales, and increase their revenue.

This is the promise we make our HVAC clients:


Call (or text) Matthew at 316-312-8181 to learn more about this crazy offer.



You can take a look at your website right now and see if you are making any of these mistakes.


While you are at it, take a look at your biggest competitors and see if they are making these mistakes

  • If they aren’t you are losing customers to them
  • If they are making the same mistakes as well, these are an opportunity to outdo them!



Does the navigation on your website look anything like this?





Ranking well on Google is all about TRUST. The easier it is for Google to see who you are, where you are, what you do, and why you are the best at it, the higher you rank. The higher you rank on the first page, the more phone calls you get!

With that in mind, the navigation on your website should be clear to potential customers but also to Google!

The problem with all these examples is they could be HVAC websites or just as easily roofing or plumbing websites.







This is an example of website navigation that makes it very clear what you DO!



Here are a few examples from our HVAC clients






Another popular myth is that Google ranks websites. They don’t.

Google ranks website PAGES.



Here is a little shortcut you can try on Google real quick:

Just type site: and then your website address into Google to see how many pages your website has on it.

You should see at least 100 pages!

The more pages on your website specifically focused on furnace and AC repair, the more phone calls you get, it’s really that simple.


Here is an example from one of our clients:



They have 217 pages on their website and their website traffic has grown every year for the last five years!



It’s great when somebody lands on your website, it’s a heck of a lot better when they actually take action and contact you!

Giving visitors to your website a reason to pick up the phone and call you is a must!




A great Call to Action will stop you from feeling like you are throwing money out the window when it comes to marketing.




4) GREAT PHOTOS (of real people)


If you have stock photos on your website, contact us today! We come see all our clients in person and take thousands of pictures!

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Stock photos do NOT build trust!




We have taken thousands of photos for our clients


  • Your branded vehicles
  • The guys in the field
  • Before and after photos of new installs
  • Guys loading up in the morning
  • Your sign on the building
  • Safety meeting


This all builds trust and helps your customers see you are real people, good at what you do and take pride in your work!







Having helpful videos on your website, your Google profile, Facebook, and YouTube channel demonstrates expertise, builds trust and increases the chance customers pick up the phone and call!



YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and owned by Google.



A trust signal is anything on your website that builds trust and gives potential customers that warm, fuzzy feeling that your company is the one to call.


  • Pictures of your team
  • Branded vehicles
  • The size of your team
  • Connection to your community
  • Awards won
  • Service guarantee


These are all great trust signals!









Without a doubt the most important page of your website is the ABOUT page!

Almost without fail, the About page gets more clicks than any other page for our HVAC clients. People want to do business with people they believe are good at what they do, have integrity, care about their customers.




The last thing you want is one THIN (boring) About page!




These seven mistakes are just scratching the surface.


My team and I dove into the challenges all HVAC owners face and we put together

299 ways to get more phone calls, get your techs in more homes, close more sales, and double the revenue of any HVAC company.



If you would like to see the list give Matthew a call (or text) at 316-312-8181 today


This list came from:

  • Our personal experience helping our HVAC clients generate millions of dollars in revenue
  • HVAC owners that have sold their companies for millions of dollars.
  • Dozens of ideas from a sales manager who runs ten sales guys for a 20m HVAC company
  • Years of experience working with HVAC companies exclusively
  • Spending time in our HVAC clients businesses (not just on the phone)



This list covers

  • 49 specific items that (hopefully) your DIGITAL MARKETING agency is handling for you! If not, call or text me at 316-312-8181.
  • 35 items in the area of SALES that can super impact your bottom line! We can help here, too!
  • 89 items that fall on the shoulders of the OWNER to think about, delegate, or decide to act on. This is you!
  • 37 items that your TEAM can do to make the most impact! Learn how to get the most from your team and set them up for success!
  • 21 items that have to do with OTHER COMPANIES (paid ads, postcards, billboards, etc)


We graded each idea on the list in the following categories:

  • COST - from zero cost to high
  • FAST RESULTS – Can this strategy get you more business TODAY, this week or next month?
  • IMPACT – How impactful is this step likely to be on your business?
  • CATEGORY – digital marketing, owner, team, sales, outside company
  • GREAT OFFER – Will having a great offer (free filters for life, $49 clean and check) make this more impactful?
  • CAN WE HELP – Over 70% of the list we can either do this for you, provide resources or help in some way.
  • RESOURCES – We are here to help regardless of the area!



The exciting news is that my team and I are going to help put this ENTIRE list to work for just one HVAC company there in Topeka.

I thought about sending the list in the mail but then I decided I don’t want your competitors to know what we are doing 😊

If you would like to see the list and get an idea just how MUCH we can help your HVAC company give Matthew a call (or text) and 316-312-8181 today.

Once I speak to you (or one of your competitors) that’s it, the door is closed and nobody else gets a peek.





Call (or text) 316-312-8181 today to get this deal. I will only talk to one HVAC company there in Topeka.








Everything from web development, project management, copywriting, graphic design, and strategy… we have you covered.



HVAC Marketing Success is on the wall and in our blood. It’s what we do!



We are going to put this entire list to work for one HVAC company in the Topeka area, and I hate for you to miss out.


You can call (or text) Matthew at 316-312-8181