If you are an HVAC owner, my guess is you are all too familiar with these frustrations when it comes to your marketing.  

  • Not knowing who to trust when it comes to Google and how to be the #1 result (consistently)  
  • Being sold on big promises that never seem to materialize  
  • Not having a good answer where your marketing dollars are being spent (or how to spend them better).   
  • Being sold on ‘packages’ of cookie-cutter solutions that are the same for everybody  
  • It’s just considered ‘business as usual’ to spend money on advertising and have no earthly idea what your actual return on that investment is! (That’s crazy. Nowhere else would you spend thousands of dollars on something and have no idea what you are getting and what the impact is on your bottom line).  
  • Google seems like a moving target and everybody you talk to seems to have a different story on how to make it work for you.  

I spent over twenty years running service businesses and I know how frustrating this can be.  


Imagine being able to avoid all that nonsense when it comes to marketing.

How great would it feel to actually know how much you are spending on marketing, to the penny, and what your return is on those dollars? To know what works and what doesn’t. Not having to deal with marketing salespeople.  

We help our clients focus more on what they love to do, what they are best at. Do more of what led them to starting their own HVAC company in the first place.  

Imagine more time for this...

good marketing gives you more time for things you enjoy like fishing


We only work with HVAC companies, and we are damn good at making their phone ring!  

hvac marketing success team web developer content design and more

HVAC client retention rate
Average number of months our clients continue working with us
(although some clients have been with us 4 years and counting!)
Average client year-to-year web session increase
(July 2020 - July 2021)

We decided to do something different.  

We put together an opportunity for HVAC owners to get ahead of the competition, it's an offer that is (almost) too good to be true.  

hvac marketing blueprint guide


An in-depth, personalized blueprint to guaranteed marketing success. We compare your website and online presence to that of three of your competitors in over 150 areas.  

This is not a cookie cutter report. This is an entire marketing team who specialize in working with just HVAC companies spending HOURS looking for opportunities (and red flags) based on your company, your market, and your competitors. This blueprint looks at everything from design, content, call to action, technical, keyword rankings, competitive advantages, and more.

This is literally a blueprint toward achieving your online success. 

This will literally show you exactly why some of your competitors are ranking better than you are on Google, and exactly what needs done to gain that advantage (and keep it). 

Ranking well on Google for hundreds (and thousands) of search terms is a complex, involved subject. But at the end of the day, you only have to be better than the other guy.

In addition to the blueprint marketing plan above, we compile a spreadsheet that shows you exactly how you compare to three of your competitors in all the important areas when it comes to Google.  

This is like a troubleshooting list showing you exactly what levers need to be pulled to take the advantage away from your competitors.  

We do a market analysis of all of the keywords related to HVAC in your market

Keywords is simply a fancy way to say what word or words somebody types in Google when they are searching for something.  

  • How many times are those keywords searched for each month?  
  • Which company is ranking for which keywords?   
  • Which keywords are getting the most volume? (and have the least competition)  
  • Most importantly, which keywords represent the greatest opportunity for you.  

This is very costly, high level reporting that typically sells for $1,500-$3,000 by itself. 

This is like a magic bullet to owning your local market for hundreds of search terms  

hvac competitor comparison


hvac marketing blueprint guideBased on our initial interview with you along with all the above research, all the tools we use, and all the people involved in compiling this information, we will come up with 10 of the absolute highest priorities that would do more to bring you more phone calls, less stress, and more money in the bank than anything else! 

This list is the real deal. If you were to hire our team to implement this list of items, this would literally be the roadmap we use to get started.  


We will schedule a time or two for Matthew, the founder and owner of HVAC Marketing Success, to personally run through all this information with you over Zoom. We will run through each report, clarify anything that doesn’t make sense, answer any questions and outline clear steps in using the internet to grow your company.  

All of this information is written in plain English that anybody can understand. No gibberish, no tech speak, no marketing lingo, no words that don’t make any sense.  

This isn’t a lead magnet or trick to get you to hire us. Of course, we can implement this list of tasks for you, but you are welcome to do it yourself or hand it to somebody else that you trust.  

Not only do we only work with HVAC companies we only work with a dozen at a time. This allows us to dive really deep for our clients and really help them see a big impact. We currently only have two openings and will be taking this offer down once we are full.  

This is easily $5,000 worth of value we are offering for only $500 until the end of November 2021.  


Not only does this customized blueprint offer come with a money-back guarantee, but if you receive our report and do not feel the value is immense... if you do not feel that what you received would make a BIG impact in your rankings, website traffic and phone calls, you can email Matthew or call (or text) him on his mobile at 316-312-8181 and get a refund. No hard feelings.  

wounded warrior donation

On top of getting your money back we will donate $100.00 to Wounded Warriors in your name. 

Why would we go to these lengths?

  1. We are absolutely sure you will find immense value in our report
  2. We know trusting marketing people seems impossible.




My guess is you have been taken advantage of, misled enough when it comes to marketing your HVAC business. This won’t be one of those times.

In fact, you don't have to trust us.

You don't have to worry about throwing your money away on more empty promises. You will get a customized blueprint to success knowing you will not be spending a dime on something that won't immediately benefit your company.


How big is the customized blueprint report?

{answer goes here} 


What kind of areas does the spreadsheet look at?  

{answer goes here} 


Why is it so cheap? 

{answer goes here} 


Will I have access to the Zoom video for a certain amount of time?  

Forever. You are welcome to download the video and share it as you like.  


What format are the reports sent to me in?  

We send you links to the actual PDFs you are welcome to print, save, share, forward as you like.  


We aren't your typical marketing agency. For one, we specialize in marketing HVAC companies. But more important than that is WHO we are and WHY we do what we do.


Founder Matthew Rupp spend years running successful service businesses. It was his experience working with ad reps and marketing agencies that left him so frustrated, he decided to figure it out for himself.

He quickly managed to get his business ranking #1 for more than a hundred keywords. Then he helped some of his friends get their businesses ranking high on Google.

That's why HVAC Marketing Success operates with an owner's mindset. We only want to do marketing work that produces real results, creating a profitable impact on your bottom line.

Obviously what really matters is what our clients say about our work. Please go read the many reviews and testimonials from the clients we have helped grow, most of whom we are still working with today!

cody“We first met Matthew Rupp after he created a huge case study analyzing all the HVAC companies in Wichita. It was very eye opening for somebody to translate digital marketing into something our entire team could understand. It was great seeing how we compared in some many areas and to start working their team with a clear set of priorities we felt confident would move us forward. Matthew's team has been invaluable to work with. They are creative, responsive and focused on driving our bottom line!"

Cody Hanna
Hanna Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

“We first met Matthew Rupp and his team after he created a case study analyzing all the HVAC companies in Wichita. Matthew and his team aren’t your typical, cookie-cutter marketing firm. They are authentic, responsive, creative, and genuinely care about our success. We have seen a significant impact on our bottom line working with Matthew and his team.”

Luke Parthemer
Fenix Heating & Cooling

stephen“Matthew and his team genuinely care about the success of Jon Wayne Heating & Air. They are creative, take initiative and are constantly pushing the envelope. They don’t just talk a good game, they come see us, put the time in, take photos, create the content, do graphic design, social media you name it.”

Stephen Jabro
Operations Manager
Jon Wayne Heating & Air

“Mr. Rupp and his entire team are amazing to work with! They keep me in constant information regarding any upgrades, updates or changes to my website. They have helped us to double the amount of traffic to our website. I consider them a great partner to be in business with. Highly-recommend.”

hvac marketing clients
hvac marketing offer


Absolutely nothing.

Not only does this blueprint report come with a money-back guarantee, but if you receive these reports and do not feel the value is immense, you are out nothing.

If you do not feel like what you received would make a BIG impact in your rankings, website traffic and phone calls you can email Matthew or call (or text) him on his mobile at 316-312-8181 and get a refund, no hard feelings.  

On top of getting your money back, we will donate $100.00 to Wounded Warriors in your name.  

wounded warrior donation


This is the icing on the cake. For the next company that signs up to receive our marketing blueprint, we will send them a couple bonuses we know they will love.