Personal attention

  • You will always have access to myself and Courtney, who is in charge of Operations. Courtney is amazing! You can call, text, Fb message, or email and get a response right away.
  • You are getting an entire marketing team. From web development, graphic design, copywriting, project management in a real office with real people


Our mission is for everything we do to MAKE SENSE

  • We start at with a plan for how to get you the greatest results, in the least amount of time.
  • We communicate on our progress on a consistent basis, in a way that works for you.
  • We explain everything in plain English


Our goal is to make your marketing as MEASUREABLE as possible and for everything we do TO MAKE SENSE. I know, it sounds crazy. (this is my attempt to combine makes sense and the previous point)

  • How we measure success is very simple. (reporting example)
  • Are more people finding you every month?
  • Are more of them taking action?
  • How does this connect to your bottom line?


We don’t do cookie cutter. We have a specific plan that is guaranteed to make a massive impact on your bottom line but everything we do is built around

  • Opportunities we identify around your company
  • Your competition
  • Your market
  • The equipment you sell
  • Rebates they offer
  • Your team
  • Your company’s history
  • Your team
  • Your goals.


We don’t make big promises

  • Our ideal clients are sick of big promises and no follow-up. We know we can help grow your business. It will take work, it will take your help, it will take time, and it WILL pay off in a big way! (client success examples)


Our job is to find that balance that works for you when it comes to communicating progress and what we need to move things forward. Yes, we will need snippets of your time here and there. Sometimes that’s impossible for you to give and sometimes it’s a call while driving to an appt. we get it. Our job is to move all we can forward without bothering you (unless its genuinely important)

  • Some clients love getting text messages
  • Some prefer an after hours chat once a month or so
  • Some love getting emails (but will only respond if they DON’T like something – which is rare)
  • Maybe a schedule of what to expect (good news on this day, reporting on this day, updates right away of any bad reviews, letting you know we are on top of anything significant that pops up – website is down, etc., content that needs approved will come across with a ‘if you don’t respond this is what we are doing”)