Marketing Tactic to Get Every Replacement Job

An Out-of-the-Box HVAC Promotion Strategy

Why HVAC Companies Do Not Get Called for Replacement Jobs

The challenge is this: An HVAC company installs a new system (hopefully their guys put a sticker on it, which a lot of times does not happen) but 10, 12, 14 years pass and they have no idea if their customer still lives there.

So it’s hard to market to it. You can send a generic postcard, which a lot of companies do. But being generic and addressed to “household” is a recipe for getting ignored.

A New Way to Market for Furnace & AC Installs

The HVAC Replacement Install marketing idea is this: Every year, send a birthday card NOT to the person that lives there (in case it’s not the same people), but send a birthday card to the equipment. That’s right. A “happy birthday to your furnace” card!

Let’s take me, for example. I’ve been in my house five years. I would really get a kick out of receiving a birthday card every year and it’s addressed to my HVAC system.

And you can have some fun with this. When an HVAC system is 10 years old, you’re not going to send a card that says “happy 10th birthday” to that system. Because in furnace years, that’s getting up there. You’re celebrating that system’s 10-year birthday, but the card itself could speak to how the system is really getting up in years, nearing retirement.

So when a system gets to be 15 years old, you’re celebrating your golden years.

Be the HVAC Company New Homeowners Turn To

Someone moves in a new house, and within a few months they get a card giving them important information about their HVAC system (how old it is), but also WHO installed the system. Homeowners will easily opt for using the installers of equipment they need serviced, often assuming you would be the best company to handle it.

If you didn’t already miss out on that replacement job, you’re looking at a system that’s 15 or 16 years old, so you’re in a really good situation. And the more of these cards you get out there, the more you are putting yourself in those good situations over and over.


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