Marketing Reports: The Only 3 Things You Need to Know

Digital Marketing & SEO Reporting that Makes Sense

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Be honest. When that email comes in from your marketing rep, how much do you dread reading it? How much are you thinking it’s going to be a whole bunch of information that you:

  1. Do not really understand
  2. Do not have the time to deal with it

All those stats and figures your marketing agency sends you don’t just seem too confusing. They are. They may explain that marketing in a digital world must be complicated. That you need their help to translate it for you.

No, it really isn’t. And also you really shouldn’t.

Good reporting should give you exactly the information you need to have in order to know whether your marketing money is being well spent.

At HVAC Marketing Success, we developed a simplified reporting system to clearly show the 3 most important things any digital marketing effort should achieve.

How we look at reporting at our digital marketing agency has changed. Over the recent years, it has gone through a big evolution.

There are TONS of analytics and data we can gather and pile onto our clients to show them nearly every ounce of information that exists with a website and digital activity. But who wants a novel-sized book every month of every single data point that exists?

No one has time for that.

Knowing your marketing efforts and money is working should not be a full-time job in itself.

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Digital Marketing Reporting Should Be 3 Things

Having worked with dozens of service business owners, we know what our clients want. And we also know what they don’t want.

Let’s be real – most service business owners do not want to understand analytics, SEO, and clicks and click-through rate and conversion rates.

Our clients are great at running a successful HVAC business. They are passionate about what they do, and skilled at what they do. They work hard at it and spend more time than they wish at the office making sure everything is going right.

So, bottom line: we do not waste their time.

Over the years, we have revamped our reporting to clients. We have begun to look at reporting in a little different way than most marketing agencies.

For our digital marketing reports, we look at three main things.

  1. Are more people finding you online?
  2. Are more of them taking action than they were before?
  3. How does that connect to your bottom line?
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From the get-go with any new client, that is the roadmap that we are on.

Every decision we make, every piece of work we focus on, the important SEO we do, the targeted effort is to get all the pieces in place so we can move the needle on those three key points.

We focus on the work that results in growth in these three areas: Are more people are finding you online. Are more of them are taking action. And how can we connect that to the bottom line.

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