Marketing for Multiple Service Areas

The Mistake that Google Penalizes Service Company Websites for Doing

marketing for multiple service locations

It’s a common problem among service company websites. They are doing this one particular thing in order to rank well for ALL the towns they provide service to. But this one thing will get them penalized for Google. That means their website won’t rank well for any of those little towns and probably not for the main city as well!

HVAC Marketing Success works with heating and air companies across the country. Many have just one location that serves communities outside of the main city. Others operate out of multiple locations servicing dozens of nearby towns.

Whether you have one location that serves multiple towns or you have multiple locations in several cities, be advised there is a right way and a wrong way to do marketing for multiple service areas.

When it comes to multiple locations, the big thing is you will look at a website and see somewhere at the bottom a dozen (or sometimes much more!) links to pages for different towns. Or they could be for neighborhoods, or perhaps suburbs or parts of Dallas and all around Dallas. This company may look like they are actually in these 28 different cities and suburbs and communities of Dallas.

doorway pages example on hvac site
What NOT To Do: bad example of trying to rank for multiple service locations

Google Penalizes Doorway Pages

These are called doorway pages, and it is a terrible way to go about trying to rank well for multiple service areas.

Several years ago, Google started penalizing these doorway pages.

GOOGLE rank for multiple locations

Doorway pages are just really, really thin pages. They are essentially all the same content, you just changed the title, the name of the city, but it’s pretty much all the same kind of content.

Having 15 or 20 or 30 thin location pages of essentially duplicate content where you are just changing out the city name is a recipe for getting penalized by Google.

If you haven’t been penalized for that, you could be at any time. It’s a recipe for disaster to have 20 or 30 pages like this.

Best Marketing Strategies for Multiple Service Areas

How do you get around it? Well, you do not try to just copy/paste your way into convincing Google you are the service provider for dozens of different places. It would be better to find a way to show Google you genuinely do provide good service to each town.

Perhaps it’s renting a $200 office in that city 30 minutes away. Better yet, get your company involved in that community by sponsoring a race or attending a local parade. Post some technician photos or highlight some jobs you did in that city. Actually put some legs underneath your claim that you service that town or area.

That’s the way to rank for different cities.

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marketing multiple service locations good example
Good Example of how to rank for a service location

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