GOOGLE TIP: Google Ranks Pages

Getting to the top of Google is the goal of any business. And there are a LOT of factors in play to help get you there. I am going to break down one very important thing that may be one of the most vital tools to know before you tackle anything else to improve your site’s rankings.

It’s important to realize that Google doesn’t rank websites.
It ranks website pages.

How can this information help you? Immensely.

Try this out.

Think about your ideal customer. Think about their pain points. Their problems. Their challenges. What they need. What they are looking for on Google to solve their problem.

What is someone who needs your exact services going to actually type into that search bar?

What are those words or search terms?

Do you think they are typing in “hvac” or something more specific like “my ac is blowing hot air”?

Google search for my ac is blowing hot air to see which page ranks highest

Now that you’ve come up with a few of those words or phrases or questions people are likely to search, go to your website and look through your pages. How well do any of your website pages match up to anything that your potential customers are searching for?

Your AC Repair page may say “ac repair” and “air conditioning service” in all the right places, but does it say “broken ac”, “cost to fix an air conditioner”, “ac won’t turn on.”

Google Looks for the Best (local) Answer for the Searcher

When you get people in your area (yes, Google knows this) searching online for a problem, Google looks for the pages using those words in determining which are the best pages to deliver on the search results.

Now that you’ve discovered your site has a problem, you can fix it. Taking some time to come up with the search terms people might type and then put those into your existing service pages. Or, you create individual blog posts to address some of these common issues.

Not sure what words people are likely to search for? Just ask your techs or the receptionist what the most common questions they get asked all the time are. That would be a great place to start.

But here is a great list of search terms that get a high amount of searching:

list of popular HVAC search terms and keywords for Google searching

I bet you would like about 50 more calls a day from folks who search for things like this?

THESE are potential customers with a problem (right now) they are trying to figure out how to solve.

I could show you a couple THOUSAND more search terms just like these!

There is a lot less search volume, they are easier to rank for and they are from actual customers with a problem you can solve!

If you are interested to learn more about what needs to be on your website to rank well for Google, I’d be happy to help. We are a digital agency specializing in internet marketing for HVAC companies. Putting keyword-rich content on our clients’ sites is one of the most effective ways we have found to increase traffic and make the phone ring.