GOOGLE TIP: The Power of Proximity

One big reason why Google returns the search results it does is because of proximity

Try this quick ranking test. Google search for some service your business does. Did your company come up first? Or maybe second?

It should. And that means absolutely nothing.

Did you think that because your business ranks high when you search, it also ranks high when OTHER people search?

It absolutely doesn’t.

While there are a LOT of reasons why Google delivers different search results for people searching the exact same words, one of the biggest factors is proximity.

WHERE a person is when they search determines their Google results.

Many business owners don’t think they need to worry about putting effort or money into internet marketing because they don’t think their company has a problem. When they search for their services on Google, their business already comes up first.

Of course you come up first.

Why? If you’re googling while you’re at work at your heating and cooling shop for the services that you do, Google will likely be giving you the results that are closest to you!

Don’t believe me?

Let’s remove your business from the equation and try another test.

Do a Google search for ‘Mexican restaurant.’ You will see Mexican restaurants in order of how far away they are from you right now.

That’s proximity.

City of Las Vegas sign, location of where you google search determines results because of proximity

Proximity is a huge factor. If you’re looking for a windshield repair shop, Google is not going to show you one across town if there are others closer to you. The ones you see listed at the top may not be the best shop in town. They may even have a weak online presence – not as many reviews, a lack of website content, bad optimization, etc.

Google knows if I’m looking for certain services, then I very likely want something close to me.

This is obviously more important for some industries than others, but just about every service industry is affected by the proximity of local online search.

How do you overcome the Google search proximity problem?

The first step is finding out which of your competition is ranking well in different areas. Then it’s a matter of tackling various digital marketing tactics to improve your ranking. It could be taking advantage of your Google My Business account, creating content focused on specific locations or neighborhoods in your area, or simply strengthening and optimizing your website.

The best thing is to take advantage of all the ways you can increase your ranking. At least that’s what we do for our clients in order to ensure they rank well in all their service areas.

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