Marketing for Multiple Service Areas

marketing for multiple service locations

The Mistake that Google Penalizes Service Company Websites for Doing It’s a common problem among service company websites. They are doing this one particular thing in order to rank well for ALL the towns they provide service to. But this one thing will get them penalized for Google. That means their website won’t rank well…

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Marketing From a Service Business Entrepreneur

service business owner entrepreneur marketing

How Experience Running Service Business Puts a Focus on Results I love this business. I love working with owners of service businesses. The reason why is because my background is in starting service businesses, building them, growing them. That’s what I did for more than 20 years before I started the HVAC Marketing Success agency.…

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Your Website Should Never Be Done

website is never done

How a “Living Website” Helps you Rank on Google So you spent a fair amount of money to get a great website. It’s got all the pages, it’s interactive, it’s beautiful. Maybe even perfect! Now you can move on from this silly website stuff because it’s completely done, right? Wrong. If you want your website…

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Ranking Well On Google

Google SEO for ranking

Why It Is a Matter of Trust I know marketing online today can seem confusing. Digital marketing, online marketing, SEO – it comes in a lot of names. So lets break down what SEO is and how it’s all about one thing: earning Google’s trust. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Regardless what you call…

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Google Rankings: Why Results Vary

Why People Searching Online for the Same Thing Get Different Results Years ago, what Google showed you would be similar to what they showed other people searching for the exact same thing. A lot has changed, especially over the last 15 years. How Friends & Family Influence Your Google Results While location is a big…

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Online Directories: Which One is Worth Your Money?

online directories blog

The 1 Test to Know Which Websites a Business Needs to Be On I know every business owner in America just gets bombarded by online directories sales reps. There are many online directories – from Manta, CitySearch,, Yellow Pages, and on and on. Some of them do get a lot of traffic, but they are…

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The 1 Biggest Website Mistake Companies Make

the biggest website mistake companies make

How to Win Over New Customers AND Google Forget SEO, analytics, trends, and marketing strategy… the biggest mistake most companies make with their website is the most simple and basic thing to understand. Most company websites lack heart. As founder of HVAC Marketing Success, I have been providing digital marketing for over a decade. I’ve…

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