Marketing From a Service Business Entrepreneur

How Experience Running Service Business Puts a Focus on Results

I love this business. I love working with owners of service businesses.

The reason why is because my background is in starting service businesses, building them, growing them. That’s what I did for more than 20 years before I started the HVAC Marketing Success agency.

I love what I do now because it allows me to bring the experience that I’ve accumulated over the years and help our clients.

It’s all a matter of identifying the specific ways services businesses need to reach their customers. Identifying such things as:

  • Who’s their customer?
  • What is their customers’ pain point?
  • How can this business help those potential customers with that?

And then it is about thinking outside the box to answer (and take action on) those questions.

Winning at Google

But then you throw Google in there. So, we are set on determining how we can help Google see that they’re the best choice to show as a top result for people doing online searches.

Ranking well on Google is all about earning their trust – you can learn more about the components of ranking well on Google here. But briefly, that means we focus on making sure Google fully knows:

  • Who the company is,
  • Where they are located,
  • And why they’re the best choice for what a potential customer is searching for

My Experience with Disappearing Marketing Reps

service business owner entrepreneur marketing

What’s funny is that over the years, anybody that ever sold me on advertising, marketing, radio, full page newspapers, digital, or whatever – seemed to disappear. Anybody that sold me on big marketing promises, after they sold me, I never saw that person again.

And that happened probably 50 times in 20 years. I truly never saw that person again.

It’s very frustrating. I know, believe me.

We don’t do that here. I’ll be here all the time. I’ll be responsible.

I’m Always Here (Even When Clients Don’t Need Me)

It’s funny, I tell clients when I’m first talking to them about being a client, is that – you’re not going to be passed off to anybody else. But I’m also honest because the next thing I tell them is, that once you meet my amazing digital team and see the work they do, you’re not going to want to talk to me anymore. I try not to let this hurt my ego too much.

The actual work of executing marketing strategies, getting it done and seeing results, that’s what our clients really want. It’s exactly what I wanted when I was in their shoes, running a service business looking for marketing solutions that get real results.

So that is exactly what I am committed to deliver.

How Do $5 Million HVAC Companies Do It?

If you are trying to grow into a $5 million business, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just need to know what current $5M HVAC companies are doing.

Watch the video on this page to learn the 7 key items you need to grow your company. I am always happy to help answer any questions you have. Feel free to schedule a chat!

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