Google Rankings: Why Results Vary

Why People Searching Online for the Same Thing Get Different Results

Years ago, what Google showed you would be similar to what they showed other people searching for the exact same thing. A lot has changed, especially over the last 15 years.

How Friends & Family Influence Your Google Results

While location is a big factor (read more about the power of proximity for Google rankings), it’s not the only way Google decides which search results to show you.

Now the results you see on your computer could be completely different than a coworker sitting right next to you who is searching the exact same thing.

A lot is based on who you’re connected with online – whether it’s your mom, your friend, their friends, or your cousin.

  • What companies and pages have they liked and interacted with?
  • Who have they done business with online?

What the people you are connected with do online can influence your search results.

How Can Companies Rank Well on Google?

With all these factors influencing which links get shown to different online searchers, it can seem impossible to get your own company’s website to rank well for as many people as you’d like.

Fortunately, there are ways to rank well amid all these fluctuating Google algorithms. I’ve explained a lot of the basic first steps to getting a company to rank well in a SEO 101 Guide.

At HVAC Marketing Success, our job is to create content and optimize everything about our clients’ website and online presence to make it very easy for Google to rank them well. So when Google sees someone in the local area searching for the services our client provides, Google will see that they are a perfect fit. And will rank them high (or even first).

If you would like to learn more about what an online company that specializes in helping service businesses rank well on Google, schedule a time to chat with Matthew Rupp by clicking the button below or visit

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